House Rules

players gain 1 extra proficiency

creating your own spells is preferred and encouraged

spells are themed based on the divine casters domains and deity

writing brief somatic, material and verbal components is encouraged with bonuses

An attack from complete and total surprise or to a helpless opponent will typically either be an automatic critical hit, an automatic critical hit at max damage or an autoKO, depending on the situation. It is very difficult to arrange for such an attack, of course. The same thing applies to falls from great distance, being run over by a boulder, falling into lava and any other environmental factor that should be universally fatal. Of course, action points might allow for a character to save themselves in such a circumstance, but it would be by grabbing a branch or hitting an awning…not by hitting the ground and walking away.
Last Words and Dying

All player characters and most important NPC’s should be afforded the opportunity to utter “last words.” Last words are usually used to drive the plot forward. They may be used to give a quest or task or impart important information. As such, an important character isn’t dead until they have spoken their last words and died. So a gravely injured character who continues to deteriorate will hover at the brink of death until they speak…then they die. Speaking last words will not change the ultimate outcome; they are “last words” for a reason. Obviously, the last words should be spoken as soon as possible. A dying main character will not loiter at the brink of death indefinitely, waiting to speak their last words… The exact amount of time is at the discretion of the GM.

At any time the gm may ask for a soliloquy of the characters thoughts and feelings about their situation. This soliloquy The player may also ask to have a soliloquy.

House Rules

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